25 Thesis Topic Ideas That Can Help You Get Inspired

Inspiration can be drawn from so many areas. The following are some inspiring topics that you can look into when working on this paper:

  1. Discuss graffiti as a legitimate form of social protest
  2. “Lying is always wrong” Discuss the exceptions to this rule
  3. Discuss any situations where the truth can never be debatable
  4. Online games can actually help your mind grow – discuss citing a few appropriate examples
  5. Explain how we can use disabilities as a means to personal growth
  6. Explain some of the evils that go on in internet chat rooms, and discuss how these can be overcome by some good.
  7. Face to face communication has been rendered ineffective by the advancement of social media. Discuss.
  8. Guns do not kill people; people kill people. Discuss citing relevant philosophical ideologies
  9. Discuss how we can use the internet to inspire young kids to become better people
  10. Role models have long been looked up to by individuals from all walks of life. Discuss your role model and the importance they hold in your life
  11. Does power always have to corrupt people? Discuss any persons in power whose leadership was not corrupted by their ascent to power.
  12. Discuss the concept of winning at all costs, citing the ethical rules that are thrown to the dogs in the process.
  13. Discuss any good reasons for declaring war, or discuss reasons why war should never be justified by any means possible.
  14. Should healthcare be considered the role of the government or the role of the individual?
  15. Discuss how we can help the homeless get some hope back into their lives
  16. There are a lot of destitute families in the country. Explain how the society has failed them and discuss ways of rectifying the situation.
  17. Lots of people lose their lives every other day, but our doctors try hard to keep them alive. Discuss the plight of doctors, nurses and others in the medical industry, who never get thanked enough for their hard work
  18. Discuss how parenthood can change the life of someone and make them turn their lives around for the better.
  19. Explain how education can help someone change their course in life
  20. Motivational speakers have helped a lot of people in the past. Discuss or criticize their success
  21. Discuss how a good sermon can uplift your life
  22. Provide some lessons that we see in everyday life that encourage us to appreciate our families
  23. Discuss how the family plays an important role in your life
  24. Explain how your boss would encourage you to become a better person
  25. Provide an accurate description of how you can mentor a younger person.

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