List Of 20 Fresh Dissertation Topics In Business Finance

Business finance is a sphere of knowledge that offers numerous possibilities for researching. There are still many aspects and nuances of this sphere that need attention or, probably, a new research method. It’s ideas for such a big academic project as a dissertation. At the same time, if you’re writing a project in business finance, you need to make sure that the topic you’ve chosen is fresh enough.

Where to Search for Fresh Dissertation Topic Ideas

Try taking a start on the Internet. You can visit libraries of different universities and look through the works of other students they have in their stock. It’s necessary to see which topics have already gained extra popularity and don’t need additional researching. It’s much better for you to choose long-forgotten topics that haven’t been explored anew for a long time, or totally new problems that have been discovered lately. After looking through the topics of projects in libraries of universities, move on to online databases and look through the samples that are offered there.

A Selection of Business Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. The development and analysis of the effectiveness of an enterprise investment project.
  2. Comparative analysis of investment options as a tool to increase the effectiveness of investment activities of an enterprise.
  3. The evaluation of the effectiveness of work resource exploitation at a certain enterprise.
  4. The economic importance of franchising as a tool to create a network of enterprises.
  5. The analysis of an enterprise’s economic potential.
  6. The approach to the evaluation of an enterprise business.
  7. Methods of financial independence, stable solvency, and payment capability evaluation.
  8. Financial risks and financial levers at an enterprise.
  9. Bankruptcy at an enterprise. Diagnostics and prevention of potential bankruptcy. Models of bankruptcy.
  10. Credit risks of a commercial bank. Methods of credit risk management.
  11. The management of investment risks during the application of an investment scheme.
  12. Leasing as a form of funding for capital investment: international experience and practice in the USA.
  13. The solvency and its evaluation by a bank. Designing and development of new methods of the solvency evaluation.
  14. Credit policies in the sphere of small business.
  15. Strategies of security portfolio management in a commercial bank.
  16. Banking risks and regulation methods.
  17. The evaluation of investment attractiveness of enterprises.
  18. The currency market as a part of the global financial market.
  19. The technical analysis of fund markets.
  20. American share depositary receipts as a means to support market capitalization of companies in developing countries.
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