A Detailed Tutorial On How To Write A Dissertation Introduction

Good dissertation writers will agree that dissertation introductions are perhaps the most important part of the dissertation. In fact the advice which you will get from professional thesis writers is that the introduction to the dissertation needs to be written at the end of the entire project. This is because at the end you are clear about the way the entire thesis has flowed.

If you feel stuck, and you feel as if you require professional assistance in writing the introduction, these steps will help make things easier for you.

The issue which is the subject needs to be put as concisely as possible. Before writing the introduction you should be clear and be able to answer the following questions which are:

  • Why is this study being conducted
  • Why is this study being done now
  • How will it benefit
  • Why is this study being done
  • Why is it relevant
  • What is the aim of the study
  • How will I be able to add value
  • A good way to begin is by answering the following questions and listing them down as well.
  • Is there an issue
  • What is the issue
  • Does it need to be solved
  • Why is it that it needs to be solved
  • What is the hypothesis – in case you have one
  • Who will benefit from it
  • How will they benefit
  • What will be the value add regarding this contribution to what is already known
  • How will you go about solving the issue
  • What are the methods that will be employed
  • What are the limitations which this study has

The introduction needs to state the objectives of the dissertation. It should also be able to interest the reader and inform them as to what the dissertation will be about

You should not use jargon, and the language of the introduction should be simple. More complex terms can be used later in the thesis, though.

The introduction should not be cluttered with citations

You should in the introduction explain to the reader what he or she will be able to get in the chapters that follow.

When these points are followed, the dissertation introduction will be top notch, and the reader, as well as the instructor, will be intrigued by it.

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